Michael Moniz was born and raised in Toronto’s downtown core. The son of Portuguese immigrants, he was taught follow through with each and every goal that he set his mind on and to always try to best version of himself.

Throughout his life, swimming has always played a big role while growing up. In fact, one of his earliest memories was swimming with his extended family at the lake near his grandparent’s summer home.

In his junior year of high school, he joined swim team and quickly became one of their top athletes. His hard work and dedication throughout his two year’s on the team brought his school several metals, especially in 400m backstroke, 50m front crawl, and team relay.

In his freshmen year at university, he obtained the National Lifesaving Society (NLS) lifeguard qualification and instructors certificate. He paid his way through his post-secondary degrees; teaching children through seniors how to swim. He also taught lifesaving/leadership prerequisite courses to youth looking to get their NLS qualification.

After completing his studies in clinical psychology, Michael took a year from all his responsibilities to travel through Europe. When he returned he was immediately hired at a legacy airline so that he could continue travelling.

During his time abroad, Michael developed a taste for design, photography, and fashion. He was inspired to create a swimwear brand during one of his trips to Rio de Janeiro when he noticed Brazilian men struggling to control the pistol in their tight trunks as they were getting out of the ocean. Shortly after that trip, he developed a swim brief with a discreet inner lining that holds and supports men with remarkable all-day comfort.

Michael has taken a hands-on approach to the creative process. From designing to pattern-making, from scouting shoot locations to photographing his models, and even from developing online concepts to building his own website and social media presence. Michael takes pride and places his signature touch on every aspect of his company.