Michael Moniz, a Toronto-based designer, was born and raised in the heart of that city. Son of Portuguese immigrants, this young designer was brought up with influences of the old world; fused with those of the new world. This duality upbringing had allowed him to stay grounded to his Canadian roots, but also gave him the drive to discover the many fascinating cultures around him.

This thirst for discovery reached fever pitch once he completed his studies in clinical psychology. At that point, the need to see the world had never been more important to him. He was hired at one of Canada’s premier airlines soon after, which allowed him to realize his goal and he never looked back.

Inundated with the style, beauty, and art from the countless places he visited; Michael grew a taste for photography, design, and fashion. It wasn’t until his trips to Rio de Janeiro, however, that inspired him to create a classic and timeless swimwear line featuring bold exterior colours with an innovative design that provides structure and support that’s hidden on the inside of every swimsuit.

He has taken a hands-on approach to the creative process. From designing to pattern-making, from scouting shoot locations to photographing his models, and even from developing online concepts to building his own website and social media presence. Michael takes pride and places his signature touch on every aspect of his company.

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